Best Paleo Recipes

The human desire for variety in their cuisine is universal, and Paleo diets have become so popular that there are now plenty of recipes for healthy, flavorful, and easy Paleo meals that you can use to perk up your daily fare. The elimination of all those food types that our ancestors had no time to adapt genetically to, thus preventing the allergies and metabolic imbalances those dietary items cause, limits the possibilities to some degree, but there is still lots of room for an inventive Paleo menu. Bear in mind when you are planning any Paleo meal that lean meat, fish, nuts, root vegetables (but not potatoes), fresh fruit, and eggs are all excellent foods and form the majority of what you will eat while using this diet. All kinds of grain products, including baked goods; sugar; and dairy products like milk, butter, ice cream, and cheese should all be studiously avoided. For your first foray into interesting Paleo meals, consider making use of steak and eggs at the same time. You have the option of cooking the steak until it is medium rare – the same state that a hungry Paleolithic hunter would have eaten the food in after a successful hunt, before carrying the rest back to the cave – or all the way to “well done”. The eggs should be cooked until the whites turn white, at least, though you can choose whether to leave the yolk liquid or cook them long enough to harden that, too. Put two tablespoons of ghee, or alternatively tallow, into a pan and place this on a burner turned up to medium. Put the steak in, with paprika sprinkled on it to taste (you can also omit the paprika if desired), and heat it for at least 4 minutes on each side for a medium rare finish. Longer cooking will move the steak closer to “well done”. Once the steak has finished cooking to the degree you wish, break the eggs into the pan and cook them in the steak juices until they are finished, then eat the meat and eggs together. Seafood is another way you can make a very enjoyable Paleo meal, perhaps with a bit more complexity than the above. Humans have gathered shellfish from the shore for millions of years, as well as catching fish with twig enclosures or their bare hands, so this recipe is centered around a dozen large bay scallops. Marinate them for a time in juice from half a lemon, then pour this off. The juice is next combined in a food processor with a large red pepper, which should be roasted already, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a garlic clove. Blend these items together until they are a smooth sauce. At the same time, wet down a grill pan with a tablespoon of coconut oil and start the scallops sizzling in it at medium heat. Place the sauce in a separate saucepan and heat that at the same temperature as the scallops. The scallops should be allowed to grill for around 4 minutes before flipping them over and grilling the other side. Once the scallops have been browned to your liking, put them on the serving plate and ladle the sauce over them. Once again, you will find yourself relishing a Paleo meal which is piquant and enticing, yet uses no ingredients that a cavemen would balk at – or that your metabolism will find objectionable. Chicken offers a third option, representing a game bird brought down from a branch by a well-hurled Paleolithic stone. This simple but superb recipe offers a mild flavored alternative to the rich recipes above. Using a shallow pool of water in the pan to prevent sticking, cook several chicken legs thoroughly at medium high heat – however many will feed the expected number of diners. This will simultaneously transform the water into chicken broth. When the chicken is done, extract it and add diced green onions and angel hair cabbage. Cook this mixture of broth and vegetables until the vegetables are soft but not “gooshy”. Mix the chicken and the sauce, and your meal is ready. Paleo meals are scarcely limited to this narrow selection, however. There are many hundreds of possibilities for you to try out, and these are just the foundation for your own culinary explorations, all the while gaining the stunning health benefits of the Paleo diet and its unique approach to human nutrition.

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