Secret Diets Of 7 Hot Celebrities

How celebrities look like is a never-ending fantasy for almost everyone. They look gorgeous in TV, in films and everywhere they go. They brighten up award nights of almost every kind and photographers compete to catch a shot of their marvelous walk down a red carpet. An aura of invincibility surrounds their beautiful appearance and one just worries how anyone can remain there with the features in tact. The appearance of celebrities buys them food (clothes, cars and mansions) and they have to pay extra attention to retain the features that fans love. Just as the clothes, hairstyle and makeup they wear, they are also disciplined to keep their body in shape.

The diet, rest and workout of sexy celebrities give a clue to their secret of staying fit and rosy. Here are the diet secrets of seven women celebrities.
1. Jennifer Aniston
This phenomenal TV star has a large fan following. Thanks to her witty comments, much imitated hairstyle and a sexy slender body. She adores the covers of countless magazines. Staying trim and fit is the result of discipline at personal diet. Her diet follows a 40:30:30 rule.
40% Low sugar carbohydrates
-Beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables give the necessary carbohydrates
30% lean proteins
-Low fat dairy products, chicken, turkey, beef, Tofu and fish
30% essential fats
-nuts and seeds, fish and olive oils
It is essential to have a well balanced diet to ensure essential nutrients, hormonal balance and weight loss.
2. Kate Hudson
Do you wonder how this gorgeous daughter of Goldie Hawn shed the extra 60 pounds she gained during her pregnancy? Kate Hudson quickly switched to a high protein diet and got herself into a systematic workout plan. Silencing the last voice of criticism on the figures she had after her pregnancy, she shed all the extra pounds and gained some abs to the envy of many. Her high protein diet coupled with aerobics and weight training surely is beneficial for female bodies.
3. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey, the celebrated talk show host has to retain her appearance for the sake of millions of her audience around the world. With a body that quickly attracts body mass, Oprah has to fight that extra fat on a regular basis. Oprah Winfrey works out five days a week, spending 30 minutes at treadmill and doing free-weight. She eats fruits, nuts, legumes, vegetables, fish, chicken, and low fat dairy products. Avoids sugar and white flour and she is proud that she doesn’t eat anything after seven in the evening.
4. Gwyneth Paltrow
Does Gwyneth Paltrow diet? Normal question from many fans, Gwyneth follows an eating regime that abhors dairy products, sugar and white flour. Vegetables, brown rice and lean meat are regular in her plate. Yoga is another secret to her perfect figures.
5. Madonna
The pop star that is the dream of men around the world, Madonna the Material Girl has the body to die for. She made her name synonymous to fitness and keeping sexy figures for so long. Her love to Ashtanga yoga and dislike to junk food ensure her body remains in shape. Her organic diet is rich in lean protein and junk food is out of question.
6. Claudia Schiffer
This super model from Germany has one the simplest diet plan among all celebrities. She takes fruits, tea and honey for breakfast, salads or soups for lunch and chicken or tuna salad or a piece of regular chicken for supper. For supper it can also be vegetables only. While on locations, you can see her eating black grapes and drinking tomato juice or herbal tea.
7. Christie Brinkley
This vegetarian supermodel with all-American looks shuns junk food of all kinds and even doesn’t give junk food items access to her refrigerator. Occasionally snacks on sweet potatoes, but avoids candy bars, Christie Brinkley shifts to a juice diet whenever she feels the need of slimming down fast.
Constantly on the eyes of public and more importantly closer to lens, celebrities cannot adopt a lax attitude on their appearance. Maybe ordinary people too can appear trimmed and healthy just like the celebrities do. After all celebrities too are ordinary people that happen to be more on focus.

George Knight is a health-lover and the owner of several information sites, including 101 Health Matters and also a sister site at 101 Relationship Matters

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